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Product Information

SHIWEI Annular Cutters are manufactured using superior-quality raw material. The cutters are appreciated worldwide for their optimum performance, durability and longer functional life.


Being corrosion resistant, durable and non-abrasive, SHIWEI Annular Cutters are widely used in the construction, oil and shipping industry as well as in different other industries.


Annular cutting

Cutting metal with SHIWEI Annular Cutters is an efficient way to create holes of Φ 12 mm (7/16”) up to 130 mm (5”) diameter. They come in cutting depths (Doc) 30 mm(1”), 55 mm (2”), 75 mm (3”) and 110 (4”) mm.

Annular Hole cutters will save you costs and time:

Annular Hole cutters cut up to ten times faster than twist drills . Annular Hole cutters only cut the width of the teeth. The core is ejected. Lower energy requirements and less wear result in a longer working life . Centering and pilot drilling are not necessary anymore.

Twist drills have to machine the entire diameter of the hole. This calls for considerable downward pressure and high driving power.

The most important cutting edge:

1. Increase cutting performances and reduced cutting forces.

2. For universal use in various sorts of steel.

3. U-shaped recesses improve the chips to a very great extent and reduce the thermal load on the cutter as the heat created in cutting is well removed with the long chips.

4. Optimized spiral-shaped guide chamfers reduce the friction between the cutter and the work piece.

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