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Product Information

Combination drill & tap with 19 mm (3/4”) shaft provides hole drilling and top quality threads cutting in one work stroke every time. It delivers great time and efficiency savings when compared to conventional tapping applications.


· Reduces set up time

· No more misalignment between core and tap

· No need for tap driving equipment

· Simple to use, producing top quality threads

· Correct core hole size and thread every time

· Suitable for plate with a thickness equal to the thread size

· Includes a safety recess at the end of the thread

 to avoid tool damage whilst threading

Industrial Application Examples

· General engineering

· Bridge and highway maintenance

· Truck and trailer manufacturing

· Construction

· Shipbuilding and railroad

· Offshore rigs and pipelines

· Elevator repair

· General metal fabrications

Hexagon Drill & Tap Kit with adapter

· A unique adapter with a standard 19mm shaft with a 1/4” HEX bit drive.

· Fast fitted when drilling and tapping threads and chamfering required.

· Drill bit and thread bit in accordance with the bits in Quick change bits.

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