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Drilling Range(mm) Article No.
4-12,4-20,4-30 1810P00AGR 1810P00ATR 1810P00ALR 1810P00AGT 1810P00ATT 1810P00ALT 1810R00AGR 1810R00ATR 1810R00ALR 1810R00AGT 1810R00ATT 1810R00ALT 1810I00AGR 1810I00ATR 1810I00ALR 1810I00AGT 1810I00ATT 1810I00ALT
4-12,4-20,4-32 1820P00AGR 1820P00ATR 1820P00ALR 1820P00AGT 1820P00ATT 1820P00ALT 1820R00AGR 1820R00ATR 1820R00ALR 1820R00AGT 1820R00ATT 1820R00ALT 1820I00AGR 1820I00ATR 1820I00ALR 1820I00AGT 1820I00ATT 1820I00ALT
4-12,6-20,6-30 1830P00AGR 1830P00ATR 1830P00ALR 1830P00AGT 1830P00ATT 1830P00ALT 1830R00AGR 1830R00ATR 1830R00ALR 1830R00AGT 1830R00ATT 1830R00ALT 1830I00AGR 1830I00ATR 1830I00ALR 1830I00AGT 1830I00ATT 1830I00ALT
4-12,6-18,14-24 1840P00AGR 1840P00ATR 1840P00ALR 1840P00AGT 1840P00ATT 1840P00ALT 1840R00AGR 1840R00ATR 1840R00ALR 1840R00AGT 1840R00ATT 1840R00ALT 1840I00AGR 1840I00ATR 1840I00ALR 1840I00AGT 1840I00ATT 1840I00ALT
3-12,4-12,6-20 1850P00AGR 1850P00ATR 1850P00ALR 1850P00AGT 1850P00ATT 1850P00ALT 1850R00AGR 1850R00ATR 1850R00ALR 1850R00AGT 1850R00ATT 1850R00ALT 1850I00AGR 1850I00ATR 1850I00ALR 1850I00AGT 1850I00ATT 1850I00ALT
4-12,5-25,6-30 1860P00AGR 1860P00ATR 1860P00ALR 1860P00AGT 1860P00ATT 1860P00ALT 1860R00AGR 1860R00ATR 1860R00ALR 1860R00AGT 1860R00ATT 1860R00ALT 1860I00AGR 1860I00ATR 1860I00ALR 1860I00AGT 1860I00ATT 1860I00ALT
1/8-1/2,3/16-1/2,1/4-3/4 1870P00AGR 1870P00ATR 1870P00ALR 1870P00AGT 1870P00ATT 1870P00ALT 1870R00AGR 1870R00ATR 1870R00ALR 1870R00AGT 1870R00ATT 1870R00ALT 1870I00AGR 1870I00ATR 1870I00ALR 1870I00AGT 1870I00ATT 1870I00ALT
1/8-1/2,1/4-3/4,3/16-7/8/ 1880P00AGR 1880P00ATR 1880P00ALR 1880P00AGT 1880P00ATT 1880P00ALT 1880R00AGR 1880R00ATR 1880R00ALR 1880R00AGT 1880R00ATT 1880R00ALT 1880I00AGR 1880I00ATR 1880I00ALR 1880I00AGT 1880I00ATT 1880I00ALT
1/8-1/2,3/16-7/8,1/4-1/8 1890P00AGR 1890P00ATR 1890P00ALR 1890P00AGT 1890P00ATT 1890P00ALT 1890R00AGR 1890R00ATR 1890R00ALR 1890R00AGT 1890R00ATT 1890R00ALT 1890I00AGR 1890I00ATR 1890I00ALR 1890I00AGT 1890I00ATT 1890I00ALT
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