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Taps with 1/4" quick change shank
Nominal Thread size &Pitch Total Length Flute Length Article No.
3x0.5mm 44mm 1/4mm 5230500AGH 5230500ATH 5230500BGH 5230500BTH
4x0.7mm 46mm 1/4mm 5240700AGH 5240700ATH 5240700BGH 5240700BTH
5x0.8mm 48mm 1/4mm 5250800AGH 5250800ATH 5250800BGH 5250800BTH
6x1.0mm 50mm 1/4mm 5262000AGH 5262000ATH 5262000BGH 5262000BTH
8x1.25mm 52mm 1/4mm 5282250AGH 5282250ATH 5282250BGH 5282250BTH
10x1.5mm 54mm 1/4mm 5220250AGH 5220250ATH 5220250BGH 5220250BTH
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