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Customer’s satisfaction is the fundamental enterprise development! We strive to build a world-class brand Hardware Tools.
Our guiding principle
Customer orientation

SHIWEI to establish cooperative relations with customers through candid communication. Our products and services provide customers with the ideal solution to the real benefits, quickly and flexibly to solve their problems.


SHIWEI always think dedication and self-motivated and qualified employees are the key success factor.

Our range of services

SHIWEI provides the best cost-effective cleaning systems, products and services for industrial and commercial, family, trade, government sanitation and industrial applications.

Market position

SHIWEI as an international company, has always been to the industry benchmark requirements of their own. We hope to occupy a leading position in market share, innovation, quality and image, and our goal is to become a global market leader in all our business areas.


As an innovative leader, SHIWEI service and design standards, to provide customers with the greatest value to meet the various needs of customers. Our innovation is impressive and inspiring.

Production and procurement

SHIWEI supplier integration in the whole value chain system. By working with them, we can continue to optimize production intensity and process design. Through our response ability, speed and flexibility to ensure product quality and cost competitiveness

Resource utilization

SHIWEI in the process of producing products, providing services and processing process, always use the most environmentally friendly way. Regardless of where we are, we are always considering the environmental requirements, so we use all the resources responsibly.

Growth, finance and profit

Through revenue growth, SHIWEI's profit and financial strength are constantly strengthened, thus ensuring the company's future and long-term development. Our first priority is to ensure the independence of the financial and the autonomy of decision making. In addition, the company's natural development is more important than foreign mergers and acquisitions.