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· High accuracy

· High safety against rupture

· Optimal employment at materials up to 800-1200 N/mm²

· Ground from the SHIWEI material

· High heat resistance

· Long tool file

· Designed to drill : stainless and acid resistant steel,

 Dcase hardening steel, titanium

· For any standard cordless drill,because off 1/4”hexagonal shank

· Quick rechucking

· Fits for all bit holders

· Also for conventional drill chucks

Material Sheet
China European American Japanese HRC
HSS6542 HSS M2 SKH-51 63-65
HSS Co5 HSS-E M35 SKH-55 64-66
HSS Co5 is a development of HSS6542 and contains 5% cobalt which gives improved hardness, wear resistance and red hardness. It may be used when cutting higher strength materials.
Mechanical application
* Tstationary drills         * flexible cord hand drills         * battery-powered drills / triple jaw chucks
Technical information
· With l/4 Inch drill shaft (DIN 3126)                       · For drilling holes to fit threads.
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